Channelizing Devices

There are a few basic devices used to channel either vehicular or pedestrian/bicycle traffic. The selection is made on something called target value. Simply, that's the balance of how easy a device is to notice versus the amount of physical space it uses on a roadway or other area, The highest target value is, simply, a wall. There are concrete and water-filled plastic types, depending on the application. At Poco, we maintain a large inventory of the water-filled type. They are easily portable, interconnect for strength, and can simply be filled with water after they are placed.
The second level of target value for channelizing devices is the ubiquitous plastic drum. The have many advantages in that they appear large and imposing, yet light weight and easily portable, How firmly they resist being moved is based on the quantity of ballast collars added. The minimum is one, but we often add extras depending on the speed and proximity of passing traffic.
The third level is a slightly newer device commonly referred to as a Grabber Cone. These are slightly taller than a plastic drum but are much narrower. They are normally manufactured with some sort of handle at the top, whether it's a nob or a loop. They don't have the flexibility that a drum does when it comes to ballast, as theirs is a preformed rubber base that is particular to each brand.
The next level is the standard traffic cone. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, all the way from 6" to 36" tall. They are also available with reflective collars, which adds to their visibility, especially at night.
The Poco Inc. way is the most efficient and effective way

Poco sells all the above channelizing devices, except the concrete wall. We also offer water-filled barrier, plastic drums and grabber cones for rent. Have a need for long stretches of cones to be placed and removed in a timely way? One of Poco's innovations is a truck unit that can dispense 28" tall cones in very precise alignment, exactly at your chosen spacing, at 12-18 miles per hour. They can be retrieved at the same of faster rate. The best part is that all the personnel are ON the truck for safety and speed. We use this at many event setups, since the traffic control equipment must be placed and retrieved quickly, and is not on the road for very long.

Give us a call, or click on contact if you would like pricing and availability of any of our channelizing products, or think the "pattern-in-a-truck" idea might be helpful to you!