Permanent Signs

Poco handles supply and installation of permanent signs for roadways and private property every day. Freeway, surface street, or parking lot, we can take care of it all.

Whether roadside or overhead, straightforward or decorative we're equipped and staffed to handle the job efficiently and safely. We've been MDOT prequalified for over 30 years and have done hundreds of miles of Michigan roadsides.

We also have more experience in the various applications of 'Protected Bike Lanes' than anybody else around and always coordinate our work for the signage and delineation very closely with the pavement markings needed.

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We're also able to adapt quickly. When the new Little Caesar's Arena was nearing completion, and guide signage was needed along the nearby freeways within a very tight time-frame, Poco stepped up to make sure everything from foundations to supports and the large signage was completed in time for a successful opening night

Recently, we've also been handling a variety of sign applications with flashing LEDs attached, This offers some remarkable enhancements to help specific signs stand out from the "sign noise" in some environments. The innovations in solar, LED and control technology mean you can even add flashing signs with push button activation to cross walks, or make other signs flash when a vehicle approaches. The options are growing every day, so contact us if you think one of these might be right for your application.