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Products and Equipment

Our Signature Sign Stand and Glarinator are two patented pieces of equipment that we've designed right here at Poco. Contact us to find out how it can be used for your next project!

Poco Signature Sign Stand

Durable. Effective. Safe. Our Signature Sign Stand is NCHRP 350 Compliant and an example of the ingenuity and dedication to our work that we have at Poco. No matter the job, big or small, Poco and the Signature Sign Stand will get the job done.

The Glarinator

The Glarinator 6100 is a patented piece of construction & traffic equipment that you'll only find here at Poco. It is operated by one of our trained professionals and is capable of drilling and installing highway glare screens faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. At Poco, we work smarter and get more projects done in less time than the competition!

We can make signs of any color, size or style. We can outfit any project with the required and proper signage, using the latest technology and the most professional and experienced staff in the business.
TrafficJet Print System

Our in-house TrafficJet Printing System by Avery Dennison, now equipped with CMSpot6, is the nations #1 selling and most preferred digital sign printer. Capable of "nesting" signs of various types, sizes and colors, we will always remain focused on efficiency and ability throughout our operation. The state-of-the-art printing system has also improved our overall printing process by reducing solvent exposure in the shop while creating a higher volume of signs with variable messages and logos with finer detail.

Sign Shop

Expanding our operation to meet any needs of our customers has always been of high priority to our business. Our in-house Sign Shop allows us to be the sole outfitter of any project that is brought to us. We can make any job easier and less complicated by being a true "one-stop-shop" for our clients.

Construction barrels, or drums, and traffic cones are some of the most common pieces of traffic/construction equipment in the country. Our sturdy and durable traffic control devices are primarily used to guide vehicles through construction areas or to signal early-on that a work zone is near.
Our signature construction barrels

have our logo formed and painted at the bottom. Our facility is capable of handling jobs of any size, as we have 25-30,000 of our traffic control products in circulation each year. We also sell our products to other traffic companies and counties.

Arrow and Digital Message Trailers are vital in projects that require traffic to be shifted into specific lanes and areas, ahead of time. Giving the driver the directive to relocted their vehicle to the proper lane gives workers more safety on the job. They also relay valuable information to the drivers about upcoming work zones, so that they can change their route if needed, ultimately relieving overall traffic conditions.